Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sprinkles!! Blog Hop

Hi guys! To go along with your Sprinkles kit Missy and her fabulous CT ladies have made some extras just for you! Start here and follow along to their blogs until you have every piece. Not everyone will have theirs up at the same time today, so if it's not up, check back later :) Hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave some love for my girls! Thanks :) Hugs and Love ~Missy

Click on the photo to go to that CTM's page. Click mine to download.


  1. THANK YOU ;~} Luv this border ....I missed the day 1 dl with that oh sooooooo dang cute paper so I also wanna say THANK YOU ;~} again for using that paper.

  2. Thanks Robin, soooo pretty :)

  3. Thanks for your pretty extra to "Sprinkles"!